Why Create bnji™?

My name is Benjamin Head. A guy originally from the Midwest, I transplanted to Colorado several years ago. I grew up in a large…very large family! While we were poor, my parents composted way before it was en vogue. We were taught to work hard and be curious.

Early on I became obsessed with how things work. I took apart everything. Studied the pieces and modified. Not always successfully.

After starting a couple of companies, I wanted to do something impactful. In my personal life, I was becoming aware that we humans could do more to take care of our planet. We could, in fact, do much more to preserve our things and make our world more sustainable.

Owning a home is a big responsibility. Most of our homes use fossil fuels to heat and cool as well as to light them. What I have learned is that not only can we make it easier to maintain them but we can significantly reduce our energy consumption too.

I created bnji™in order to make it easy for all of us to take care of our most important asset...our homes. From lawn mowing with electric mowers to cleaning refrigerator coils, bnji™ is built to make our lives sustainable.

I hope you will give us at bnji™ a try.



Ben @ bnji

Meet Benjamin Head - Founder/CEO bnji™

"There has never been a more important time to take care of our homes."

Benjamin Head