Sustainable Tasking with bnji™.

It’s no secret that there are many apps that claim to make our lives easier. And many do. The problem though is that many fall short. 

With bnji™, we are attempting to look at what really makes our lives easier…better. Also, the planet healthier and the quality of the experience for the person performing the work much better.

What is bnji™?

bnji™ is a sustainable tasking mobile application that connects homeowners with home technicians to perform tasks in and around our homes. From lawn mowing to painting to house cleaning, bnji™ makes it easy to manage your home. Convenience is the key.

How is bnji™ Different?

bnji™ is being built from the ground up with sustainability in mind. Sustainable tasking. We have broken down sustainability into three areas of focus. The tools and supplies.; The tasks themselves.; The technician. 

The Tools and Supplies.

There are great opportunities for home technicians to use electric as opposed to gas powered. Small gasoline engines are massive polluters and require near constant maintenance. They are loud too!Industrial Electric Mower for Sustainable Tasking

Today’s electric mowers and power washers are just as powerful as their gas-powered counterparts and so much better for us all. With electric, the provider saves on fuel costs and maintenance. Starting in the spring is no longer a painful experience. Push the button and go.

Along with electric, we are taking a hard look at the chemicals traditionally used to clean as well as the paints we use and so on. There are solutions that are earth friendly and do the job just as well or better. Win-win.

The Tasks Themselves.

In addition to the standard tasks that many of us already do around our homes like garage cleaning, hot tub cleaning, or installing a new light switch, bnji™ is looking at tasks that will reduce our energy consumption and increase the life of our expensive systems and appliances.

The act of cleaning refrigerator coils every six months or so reduce the energy consumption and significantly increase the expected life of the appliance. Now apply that mentality to dryer vent lines, water heaters, dishwashers and so on and you start to see a real change in your consumption of energy. Not to mention, it feels great to have your important items kept up.

The Home Technician.

The most important item to keep in mind with home tasks is the person doing the work. For many of the apps out there, the technician is an afterthought. They are an item on a spreadsheet. Not a living/breathing individual like the rest of us.

At bnji™ we are working with influencers in the “Gig Economy” to create an environment that makes it practical to earn a solid living and have a life. For example, at bnji™ we are creating an environment that encourages homeowners to schedule as much of their year in advance in order to help the home technician schedule far into the future. Additionally, we do not encourage a reduced rate as the technician works more hours for you. You would not ask that of your dentist…and smartly so.

bnji™ for 2019 and Beyond.

bnji™ will be launching in late summer 2019. It is my hope that you will give us a try. I believe you will be blown away by the service and feel good about your decision to do so.

Please help us spread the word about bnji™ and if you have any question, please feel free to email me directly

Thank you,

Benjamin Head

P.S. we are giving away a Yeti Tundra 105 cooler soon. You can sign up at