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If you have already learned a bit about bnji then you know we care for and love planet earth. That said, each of us is on a journey of discovery in this most unusual time. We are learning every day how our actions as humans are often harming the very planet we love. I too, am guilty. I want to be less so but indeed, I am guilty.

What can we do?

Start. Start reading. Learning. Start putting less food waste in landfill. Start preserving the things we buy. Refrigerators. Dishwashers. Furnaces. Furniture.

What does that really do? 

Putting less organic material in landfills significantly reduces methane gas. Methane gas is 26 times more powerful to the atmosphere than CO2- and is produced by rotting food.

Maintain our things.

By maintaining our expensive systems and appliances we preserve their embodied energy. When we toss a refrigerator in the landfill, we lose the energy and resources that were used to manufacture the item in the first place. If we keep an appliance for even 1 year extra we preserve thousands of gallons of water and tens of thousand of watts of energy.

How do I do this?

One powerful way to reduce methane gas is to compost. Composting nearly eliminates the production of methane gas. Instead, important nutrient-rich compost is created. Beautiful garden. Beautiful flowers.

Another item is to perform regular preventative maintenance on systems like your furnace. Clean your refrigerator coils. This act alone significantly reduces the heat within the workhorse of your food-keeper… the compressor.

Heat causes things to use much more energy while reducing the lifespan of your appliances by more than half. The list of items to be maintained- that can have a huge impact on your energy/resources- is big. The importance of doing so is much bigger.

What if I cannot? What if I don’t have the time? What if I don’t know how?

This is why bnji was created.

The bnji App™ Connects Homeowners with Environmentally Friendly Home Service Technicians for Tasks Inside and Outside Your Home. Schedule your entire year of tasks in one sitting or request instant service.


I did not set out to start bnji. Rather, like most of us, I just started becoming aware. I started to learn that we have to do something.

Being a parent of three young boys, I knew I had to do something to reverse the harm we have been doing for many many years. I knew that each of us humans has to use the incredible talents we possess to make a radical change in the way we live.

bnji is here to make being great stewards of the earth…easier.

We are creating bnji to honor the lives of people that do great things. The people that shape our world. That keep us safe. The humans that cure our illnesses and keep us fit. The people that keep our minds healthy and the ones that build our homes.

There is no better way to honor humans than to keep our planet healthy too.

Thank you for stopping by bnji.