bnji™...the home tasking app

Home tasks taken care of in an entirely new - sustainable - way.

Making Sustainable Home Tasking a Reality

We dreamed of a business that would connect homeowners that care about the earth with home technicians that do too.

We thought it must be possible for people to have everyday services completed with the environment in mind. A service that uses tools & supplies that are good for the planet while helping you save money.

Electric lawn mowers, power washers and on and on.

But there we none…

…until bnji™

Industrial electric lawn mower



Home Tasks Done in 3 steps...


...With bnji™ really is that simple!

  1. Download the bnji™ app and find your task...

    ...or simply go to to begin.

    bnji iphone app

  2. Schedule Your Entire Year or Book Immediately...

    bnji™ allows you to plan your entire year of services or get a task completed immediately!


  3. bnji™ Technician Arrives and Completes your Task!

    This is the fun part. Your bnji™ technician arrives and takes care of your tasks. No fuss.

Put your home on autopilot with bnji™

We take care of the tasks like lawn mowing and cleaning while you get time and peace of mind.

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Hi, I'm bnji™

The World's First Sustainable Home App.

The bnji App™ Connects Homeowners withHome Service Technicians for Tasks Inside and Outside Your Home...Sustainably!

Take a look...

This is What bnji™ Can Do Outside Your Home:

Mow Your Lawn - Clean Your Gutters - Paint A Fence - Detail Your Car - Deliver & Pickup - Change Your Lightbulbs - Remove Your Junk - Power Spray Your Deck - Clean Your Grill - Clean Your Hot Tub - Wash Your Windows - Put Together Your Bike - Be Your Handyman - Bake You A Cake (Ok this might be a lie) - Power Wash Your Sidewalk - Blow Out Your Sprinklers - Fertilize Your Lawn - Put Up Holiday Lights & Take Them Down - Clean You Garage and on and on...


This is What bnji™ Can Do Inside Your Home:

Clean Your Kitchen - Organize Your Closet - Paint A Room - Change Your Lightbulbs - Clean Your Dryer Vent - Change Your Filters - Remove Your Junk - Clean Your Water Heater - Clean Refrigerator Coils - Do Your Laundry - Watch Your Pet - Wash Your Windows - Organize Your Closet - Put Together Your Furniture - Put Together Your Bike - Be Your Handyman - Bake You A cake (Ok this might be a lie) - De-Scale Your Coffee Maker- Hang Pictures - Clean Your Oven and on and on...

bnji™...the sustainable home tasking app.

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coming summer 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

No. We at bnji™ decided we should never lock you into a contract. Cancel anytime.

How do I pay?

This is the best part...bnji™ allows you to pay through the app. We utilize Stripe to process all your payments. Easy peasy.  

What are ecologically friendly maintenance solutions?

bnji™ was created to offer you providers that come equipped with tools to make maintenance easier on the planet. For example, we ask providers to use electric lawn mowers or electric power washers when possible.

How do I contact my provider?

Once you have chosen a provider, you will be able to message with them within the app.

What if you are not in my service area?

We definitely want to be! If we are not yet in your area, we will ask for your information to alert you when we are.

How do I schedule my entire year?

In your customer dashboard, you are able to schedule tasks for the entire year. Once within two weeks of a scheduled task, you will be provided a list of providers to choose from.

Can I use the same provider more than once?

Yes! If you prefer to use a provider more than once, you can "favorite" the provider and use them as often as you like - assuming they can perform the requested task.

Can I choose my provider?

Absolutely. Once you have chosen your tasks, you will be provided available providers to choose from.

Do I need to be home for the tasks?

No. There are many items that the providers perform that do not require you to be present. You should arrange for this in-app with your requested provider.

Have questions?

Drop us a note here and we will get back to you straight away.

The bnji™ Team